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Super Chibi Knight is a classic platforming hack n' slash RPG for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Go on a single-player adventure with a quirky story crafted by the game's programmer/artist and his 8 year-old daughter (who also stars as the voice actress)!
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Note: this is a full-fledged PC/Mac/Linux sequel to the popular Chibi Knight 1.
About Super Chibi Knight:

Enter the Kingdom of Oukoku to battle a mysterious sorcerer who has unleashed his minions on the kingdom's citizens.

As you track down the sorcerer, General Tso, you'll run into:

  • 10 unique levels for Armor, Special, and Sword, each with their own custom look and power profile
  • 5 unlockable specialty attacks to vanquish your enemies
  • 2 custom class paths that significantly impact the game's outcome (Beastmaster or Sorcerer)
  • 4 Findable spells for the Sorcerer Path
  • 4 Ridable Beast Mounts for the Beastmaster path
  • Tons of great (and huge) multi-stage bosses
  • A plethora of secrets that only the truly adventurous will discover
  • Amazing custom sound track by composer Brian Holmes
  • Unique art style by the creator of the original Chibi Knight
  • Adorable voice acting by the creator's 8 year-old daughter!